Computing for Business Bachelors Degree with Honours from Plymouth University

Branding & Logos

During my time at university we began to study graphical elements for web. Icons, widgets, logos. I was always interested in logos and branding but this only fuelled my curiosity and I began to further research the complexities, brilliance, psychology and even the mistakes of corporate branding. I can’t go anywhere without admiring or criticising logos. I very often annoy people by expressing my feelings on the brand and typeface used on menus in restaurants!

The hidden Bern bear in the Toblerone logo, the forward facing arrow cleverly concealed between the letter E and X on the FedEx logo, the ’31’ in the Baskin and Robins logo denoting it’s number of flavours, many people don’t realise that the ‘P’ icon making up the Pinterest logo actually doubles as a pin!

Using Adobe Illustrator I began to design logos and branding both freelance and in my place of work. All have a story. All based on client specifications.