The Background

Back in 2012 Liskeard School & Community College, under different leadership, became a co-operative school. The trust comprised of local schools and sponsored business partners with the aim of working together and making the schools stronger. The trust required a logo, branding, printed materials and a website. Some of the printed materials can be found in my Print Portfolio and the design for website can be found in the Website Portfolio. The trust no longer exists as the school became an academy in 2017 under different leadership.

Deadlines were incredibly tight to complete this project as the instigation of the trust happened very quickly and there was no brief given other than a brief meeting with some of the stakeholders.

The Proposal

I proposed a design that incorporated the full name of the trust, especially as people were unaware of the trust and what it was in its infancy. I also wanted to create a logo and branding that was completely unique to any of the schools and businesses involved and something that was instantly recognisable and clearly visible. This was important as things moved quickly and it was important to get brand recognition early, especially when marketing the trust to the wider community and potential external paid trust members.

The Result

The logo incorporates a unique colour scheme ensuring brand visibility and identity is instantly clear. The use of the brighter pink and lighter blue also contrasts against the dark brown making materials for print and online highly visible and allowing important content areas to be emphasised.

The logo can be split meaning the circles on the left can be used as a sub-logo or avatar. The sub-logo depicts overlapping circles and a chain, as does the hyphenated double ‘o’ in co-operative depicting strength, teamwork and overlapping or sharing. The logo also incorporates the main co-operative schools logo.