I love to take photos. I hold no qualifications in photography, but do plan on changing this in the very near future. The only things I can claim are a love for capturing moments, a digital SLR camera and a lot of enthusiasm. I like to be outdoors so most of my pictures tend to be of wildlife, scenery or any random thing that may take my interest. I also like to travel so some photos are inspired by my holidays, trips around the UK or just a random ramble in the local countryside.

I am the photographer for Liskeard School & Community College, but am unfortunately unable to use any of these photos due to child safety and safeguarding.

I should also explain that the photos below have been taken on a variety of devices including a Canon DSLR, Canon Waterproof Digital and various smartphones. I would also like to point out that all photographs used on my website have been taken by me including the ones for the headers on each page.

There are five galleries in total; wildlife photos, countryside photos, landmark photos, flowers and tree photos and randoms so make sure you check out each one.

It is a beautiful world out there. But don’t take my word for it! Once you have viewed the selection of photos below go out and check it out for yourself!




Flowers & Trees