Computing for Business Bachelors Degree with Honours from Plymouth University

Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations with the College of Media and Publishing

Print Design

Designing for printed materials has been a large part of my career since 2010. Using my skills with the Adobe Creative Suite to combine Photoshop elements with Illustrator graphics and laying out the design in InDesign to export press quality PDF’s and having a strong relationship with local printing companies has ensured my visions have been realised in premium quality printed materials¬† for a multitude of purposes.

I began producing posters for the Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry to advertise courses, printed in house at Plymouth University‘s specialist printers. My time at Liskeard School & Community College dramatically increased the quantity and diversity of materials I produced. From low scale in-house printed materials to commercially printed posters, leaflets, brochures, magazines, outdoor banners and metal signage and decals.

During my time at Kivells I was able to work on multiple projects from brochures and flyers produced in-house, to extended projects in collaboration with external agencies.

The importance of design using the technologies I learned at University and combining this with my industry experience and Public Relations diploma to deliver key content. Below is a selection of my favourite work.


Magazines, brochures and newsletters for commercial print using my own logos, design and (mostly) my own photography. I have produced numerous magazines and publications, below is a small selection I have produced in industry for varying purposes and under varying constraints.

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Posters for commercial print using my own logos, design and (mostly) my own photography.


Flyers for commercial and in-house print using my own logos and design.

Canvas Banners

Premium, outdoor canvas banners printed commercially using my own logos, design and (mostly) my own photography.

Pull-up Banners

Newspaper Adverts

Newspaper adverts using my own logos, design and (mostly) my own photography.