The Background

Liskeard School & Community College, in discussion with the head, the senior leadership team and myself, decided to market a school ethos. This would be under an overall umbrella and have the most important elements defined under it. Resilience, courage and kindness were agreed upon as the important values after consultation with staff. The school had already been using the ‘Team Liskeard’ header which I turned into a hashtag for the purpose of social media. The next task was to turn this concept into something visual.

The Proposal

I proposed a logo that wouldn’t be restricted to a colour scheme to allow us to utilise it in any way and under any circumstances. The hashtag would be incorporated into the logo but it would need to relate back to the school in some way.

The Result

The logo uses two fonts, the one used for ‘Liskeard’ is the font used for the school logo which subtly links the Team Liskeard logo back to the school. Team is almost emphasised with the use of a different font which almost looks written, as if we had penned the term for the school.

The hashtag is prominent, but also acts as a sub-logo with the ‘T’ and ‘L’ incorporated into the lines of the hashtag.

Because the logo doesn’t have a colour associated with it the possibilities of its use are endless. The logo can be in any colour or black or whiteout. It can also be used with images or textures behind it to fit into any use.

The three core principles are sometimes added underneath.