The Background

Liskeard School & Community College introduced excellence academies to allow students of a high ability to express their skills further. The academies required a brand that was both eye-catching and visually engaging with young students. The logos and branding were to be used to encourage students to take them up and ensure maximum visibility, especially during open evenings and where displays and stalls were required. The number of academies started at three but the brief was to ensure more logos could be produced over time as the popularity increased and the need for more academies evolved.

The Proposal

I proposed to the Head and Senior Leadership Team that a logo set was produced to appeal to the age demographic. Something that was both visually striking but also something students could feel a part of and be proud of. Using a unique font-set, bold colours and visuals to create a wholly individual set of logos and branding that would be instantly recognised and produced in a way that would make them equally as effective on digital and in print. The use of unique colours, imaginary and additional text ensured infinite extra academies could be added.

The Result

The main academy logo uses the Liskeard School kite head from the main school logo to form the ‘A’ to link the academies to the school effortlessly even though the school name is included. It also uses a fresh, vibrant and unique font¬†with a distressed look to appeal to the younger target audience. The dark, main font emphasises the bright, electric colours used to make up the distinguishing feature of the individual academies. This logo is used to represent the academies as a whole.

The individual logo then uses it’s unique colour and a graphic to distinguish itself. The introduction of a block underneath allows for the academies name to be added using the same colour but with a different font for extra emphasis.