The Background

Liskeard School & Community College has a superb resource on it’s doorstep which looks after the welfare of young people in the school and community. The TicTac Young Person’s Centre isn’t part of the school, but is on the school grounds and plays a vital role in supporting it’s students. The centre is self funding and relies on funding and volunteering to keep running with a superb manager and team driving it forward.

The centre lacked any discernible branding and I was approached to produce a logo and branding that was welcoming and would encourage students to visit. The young people using the centre would be vulnerable or going through some personal issues so to know they were able to visit a centre that would look after them and welcome them was vital. It was also important to set the TicTac Centre apart from anything else the school or community was doing and make their branding instantly recognisable.

The Proposal

Having visited the centre on many occasions and having multiple strategy meetings with the manager of the centre, I wanted to create something that would appeal to young people of all ages. The colour scheme was to take inspiration from the decor colours with a prominent font and subtle elements to add some fun and a welcoming nature to the design.

The Result

The logo uses colours inspired by the decor of the centre itself. The large prominent font clearly displays the centres name with a speech bubble making the dot of the ‘i’ to help demonstrate that the centre is a place to talk. The smile at the bottom of the logo demonstrates the centre is a happy and welcoming place for young people. The additional bubblegum font which finishes off the centre’s name adds a fun element to the logo also. This ensures there is something in the design for older as well as younger people.

The circles were inspired by the interior decorations too and were introduced to extend the brand and as a way to increase the fun behind the branding and add extra colour to the different media the branding is used for.