The Background

Liskeard School has an outstanding nursery within the school grounds that services the school and the wider community. Although numbers are high, the school was keen to promote the nursery as much as possible. When I arrived at the school the nursery had no marketing tools at all and relied on word of mouth. I was tasked with completing the logo and branding as well as promotional materials and a website. The website is currently under construction by the level 3 apprentice I am currently mentoring.

The brief purely stated that the logo should be fun and exciting and should include a sun and rainbow as these are the names of the rooms in the nursery.

The Proposal

I proposed to the nursery manager and business manager that we use balloons to make up the letters with bright colours. Through my research this was something that wasn’t currently being used, specially in the catchment area. I would also extend the brand using visuals of sunny blue skies.

The Result

The logo uses balloon letters of different colours to make up the word ‘Nursery’ all created from scratch. They have a shine and opacity to make them look realistic. The ‘Liskeard School’ wording and school kite uses a rough, handwritten design to show infancy and raw beginnings. The sun and rainbow are designed to look like they are drawn in crayon adding to the fun but also showing a progression from the other sketched design in the logo. The logo is bordered with multi coloured crayon drawn lines.