The Background

Low Tide St. Ives is a holiday home in St. Ives Cornwall. I was commissioned to build the owners of the business a website so they could market the property above and beyond the agency they were using. On starting the website it became apparent that the business was lacking a logo and branding. I offered my services to produce a quick and simple logo to use on the website, social media and printed materials. The website can be viewed in my web portfolio. The logo was very much a secondary task but one which I persuaded the client was an important step.

The Proposal

Inspiration was taken from imagery I was sent of the decor of the property. The luxury interior and mellow neutral colours presented itself well to adapt into a logo and colour scheme. I proposed a logo that incorporated the colour scheme, but demonstrated what the business was using subtle imagery.

The Result

The logo is designed to look like a sign you might see outside a holiday apartment with a hanging ‘vacancy’ style sign underneath. The colours represent the decor with a bright yellow to represent sun and sand. The logo uses a luxury font and is classy enough to show the elegance of the property with subtle elements to demonstrate the destination and the sun and sand to look froward to when you get there!