The Background

In 2017 Liskeard School & Community College joined with other schools in the area to become an academy. SMART stands for South-East Cornwall Multi Academy Regional Trust and this became the overall umbrella in which Liskeard School and the other primary and secondary schools would operate under.

It took many months, and in a lot of cases things still aren’t resolved, for the structure of SMART and the integration of teams to be resolved. I was tasked with building the website for SMART which can be seen in the website portfolio area. One aspect that was overlooked initially was the logo and branding for the trust. Initially the student council team, comprised of students from each school were going to design the logo. As time went on, and this did not materialise, my expertise was called upon to produce a design.

With no brief and around two days to complete the designs I produced a set of logos that I thought would represent the trust.

The Proposal

Given the limited time and lack of brief or any direction from the key stakeholders I decided to use my instincts and experience to produce a design that would appeal to the communities the trust served, the students the schools contained and the businesses and corporate links the trust may make. I produced a set of logos all containing colours relating to South East Cornwall, with a fun but corporate font and a subtle reference to the trusts location.

The Result

The logo uses a fun but corporate font, overlapping to show unity in its members and to add to aesthetic appeal. The colours have been chosen from a pallet of colours synonymous with South East Cornwall including granite/mining, fields, agriculture and the ocean. The black ‘A’ represents the St.Piran flag of Cornwall with the centre of the A pointing to south east on the compass.

The SMART website was nearly finalised at the stage where logos were being designed. The site was built without a colour scheme and the need to add colour for design, readability and to add the brand SMART was seriously lacking was at the forefront of my thoughts. To design a unique brand that was instantly recognisable with subtle hints to location and culture was key to the success of the project.

Ultimately the decision was made to run with a logo produced by the then acting CEO and now full time CEO so this logo design was never used. I learnt a lot from the project and I am proud of the design which is why I still wanted to showcase it in my portfolio.