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Technology used: Joomla

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The Background

I started working at Liskeard School & Community College at the beginning of 2012 with one of my first objectives to build a new website for the school. It would be my biggest website project to date. The school had a very poor website, cobbled together in the very simple Concrete5 content management system by the IT department after a bespoke CMS the school was using, and paying a large sum a month for, crashed and was no longer usable.

The school hadn’t had a solid website at any stage and, with Ofsted scoring the school website as part of its grading, there was never more importance weighted on a schools website. I used my project management experience and utilised aspects of PRINCE 2 and engaged the main school stakeholders, students and the community to design a website that would showcase the schools achievements, adhere to Ofsted rules, update, inform and notify parents, prospective parents and the community and integrate social media to give the school something they hadn’t had before.

The Result


The current live website is the second iteration of the school website. The site has always been a Joomla content management system, this was a requirement to ensure multiple staff could update the site if required, but the original site wasn’t responsive and was in an older version of Joomla. I the summer of 2016 I upgraded the website to the new Joomla version with a responsive template to ensure it was optimised across devices.

The current site includes everything required by Ofsted and by the rules in place concerning the school becoming an academy. There is a strong emphasis on news and updates, these syndicate with the Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as ensuring information is given to parents, students and the community.