Blackbird Website


Technology used: HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery

The site no longer exists after nearly 11 years as the band begin to slow down their future commitments.


The Background

During my studies at Plymouth University I was required to complete a practical final year project to achieve my degree with honours. A local two piece acoustic rock covers band had recently formed and I was approached by the lead singer to produce a logo, promotional materials, set up their social media presence and integrate all of this into a website.

The band had yet to get online but had photos and videos of them performing. They wanted a website that showcased their work, introduced them and ensured there was a point of contact for bookings, all linked to their new social media presence.


The Result

This was only my second website and it was purely hard coded. The band stated the website wouldn’t change that much and, due to their lack of technical ability and time, didn’t want or need the ability to update the website themselves.

The website was completed alongside a comprehensive framework of project management and software development which gained me first class marks in my honours project.

Due to the difficulties and reluctance in the band updating the website I integrated social media and band pages they were on to ensure the site was always being updated, gigs came from online band site Lemonrock while social media feeds ensured news was always up to date.

The band fully control their social media and I believe more effort is required to make the website and social media more of a success. The site did, however, produce a wedding booking within the first weeks of it going live and many enquiries and bookings thereafter.